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Saturday 23 August 2014


Pathology is the study of the nature of disease and its causes, development, processes and consequences.


Pathology is a key clinical service and between 60-70% of NHS diagnoses rely on it.


Pathology supports community healthcare and public health (especially communicable diseases), as well as GP and hospital care.


Website Issues?

This website is currently undergoing a change of ownership from the Network to the Kent Pathology Partnership.


Please note that this may mean that some links within the website will not function at this time. 

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About the Partnership

The Kent Pathology Partnership (KPP) is a collaborative initiative between Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust and East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust. This partnership involves the integration of Pathology and so offers an opportunity to further enhance the service for the patients, clinicians and commissioners.

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Contact us

The Partnership has no confirmed address as yet, although there are many Pathology departments based at various sites throughout Kent.


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Pathology Services

Phlebotomy (Blood Tests) Clinic Opening Times

When having a test, have you ever wondered what happens to the blood, or other sample, after it is taken from your body?

Here you can find information on the various Pathology Services provided by the local NHS. 

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From magazines and newsletters, to strategies and the Network's Terms of Reference, this section contains links to many useful Pathology-related publications.



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Getting there

Whether travelling by road or rail, this section tells you how to get to the Network's main office.